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Why settle for canned when you can have fresh?

Did you know that 99% of the escargots eaten in the U.S. come from imported cans? Don’t settle for less than fresh! Little Gray Farms offers domestically grown escargots, made-to-order and shipped quickly to you!

Download our escargot recipe booklet for preparation ideas!

We are currently SOLD OUT of this season’s crop of escargots! We hope to have another harvest available in about 3 months. Please check back!
Each order is individually prepared. We can do small orders for individuals or larger orders for restaurants. Each package consists of: parboiled escargots, de-shelled then immediately vacuum-packed and refrigerated. Please contact us for pricing for your order and provide your mailing zip code so that we can estimate shipping costs.

NOTE: Escargots can only legally be sold LIVE within the state of Washington. If you are ordering from out-of-state, we can only provide processed, pre-cooked vacuum-packed snails.


Read and hear our interview on NPR-affiliate KPLU!


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