Snail FAQs

Do you know the basics of snails? As I speak with people, the lack of knowledge about these intriguing animals is profound. Of course, my main goal is to get people to eat them. But another goal is to get people to understand more about their life and biology. So here are some of the top facts and fallacies:

1. Snails and slugs are the same thing. FALSE! While snails and slugs are related on the class level (Gastropoda = Latin for “stomach foot”), they are about the same relation as humans are to horses.
2. Slugs are snails that have crawled out of their shells. FALSE! See the response above. In evolutionary terms, snails developed first and slugs later. Some slugs actually have a vestigial fragment of shell on their backs.

3. You can eat all snails. FALSE. No exclamation point on this one because while you may be able to eat many more than what we do eat, you either wouldn’t want to due to taste or size. Most species of the estimated 60,000+ in the world measure less than 5 millimeters long!
4. Snails are delicious. TRUE! About 5-6 species of land snails are regularly used as what we think of as “escargots”. They are high in protein,low in fat and very versatile in culinary menus. Visit our recipe book to see a few!