Gastropod podcast features gastropods (the real thing)

I was recently pleased to host food and science journalist Cynthia Graber up at the farm for her podcast, interestingly enough called Gastropod. I had discovered the podcast a few weeks ago and was thoroughly enraptured with its blend of food and science hosted by Cynthia and fellow foodie/science geek, Nicola Twilley.

Even though it was a cold, blustery day at the farm and not much for Cynthia to see yet, she braved a ferry ride from Seattle and a road trip to come up and interview me.

I normally am not a fan of hearing my own voice, but Cynthia was a true professional and somehow made me sound as if I know what I’m talking about and not too terribly crazy (o.k., that may be my own bias).

I encourage you to talk a listen and to SUBSCRIBE to Gastropod on whatever device/platform you use. You will get a fascinating blend of science and food talk and leave the table satiated!