The farm hits newsstands in Edible Seattle

Little Gray Farms Escargots is waking up for spring and right on the cusp of apple blossoms and sleepy, hibernating snails waking up, comes our appearance in the May/June issue of edible seattleEdible Seattle magazine. It was fall of last year when writer Jennifer Crain visited the farm. It was at the end of the season as the leaves were beginning to fall and I was prepping the greenhouse for the slumber of several thousand tiny snails that would wait out winter. I admit I was a bit cranky that day; not due to Jennifer’s visit or the impending gloom of winter, but because of the various shenanigans of federal regulations which inhibit the business from growing and my frustrations of what my next steps would be. Winter is a good time to contemplate, take a breath and think about one’s direction. I really feel that this is my calling, as strange as that may seem. For others to block this dream due to bureaucracy causes no end of aggravation. However, I’m now looking on the advent of spring as an opportunity to re-think my process instead of banging my head against someone else’s wall.

So go out and grab a copy of Edible Seattle and let it gently glide you into your dream: