From “escar-no” to escargot

I normally only share the great news: new restaurants, new media items and the like, but IMG_1287today I want to share the challenges. In trying to grow a business, there are always many challenges. As I’ve sold escargots to more and more restaurants the struggle has always been volume. How do I grow enough to meet the demand? One can’t really make a snail grow faster than nature allows. So how does one get enough to make the business, which is a game of volume, viable?

But nature is only one of the challenges to this. As it turns out, the very system of US agriculture as it has developed since World War II has become increasingly antagonistic toward those actually growing our food, especially smaller growers that don’t have the backing of well-heeled multi-national corporations.

As a member of the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, I was asked to pen an article outlining my battle with outmoded regulations and non-innovative modes of thought when it comes to producing food. I’m posting a link to the article here:

Let me know what you think!