About Us

snails on leaf
Petit gris or little gray snails enjoying a lettuce leaf.

why snails?

The simple answer is, "Why not?" Snails have been a part of human cuisine for thousands of years, but have been relegated to the role of a European "elite" food here in the US. But savvy chefs are quickly becoming attuned to the great possibilities of this ingredient as they search for novel and sustainable protein alternatives to beef, poultry and pork.

The farm is located on 5 acres perched on the edge of the Olympic Rain Forest. This unique setting is located on the same latitude as some of the best snail-raising areas in France. Heliciculture, or raising snails for food, is an ancient tradition and we employ many of the same time-honored traditions passed down since Roman times to grow our "little grays" for both the restaurant and home table.

meet the farmer

Owner and head "snail wrangler" Ric Brewer has more than 20 years experience in malacology (the study of snails), heliciculture (the raising of snails for food) and began the farm in 2014.

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Ric Brewer