Be Fresh!

Snails have been a delicacy throughout the world. But in the U.S., many people have never experienced the taste difference that eating fresh escargots provide. Why? Because about 99% of escargots consumed here are canned and imported from overseas, due to a string of antiquated regulations and diet biases.

It doesn’t take much imagination to realize fresh and local is better than canned from thousands of miles away!

Little Gray Farms is a USDA-approved farm, fulfilling fresh with naturally grown petit gris (i.e., little grays)┬ásnail raised on Washington state’s beautiful Olympic Peninsula. This rain forest habitat provides the moist, temperate climate that makes these snails thrive. Their diet, rich in broccoli, kale, nettles, and other beyond organic and native plants give them a succulent earthy flavor that highlights the unique terroir of this region.