Be growing

Washington state's rugged and remote Olympic Peninsula may seem like an odd location to have a snail farm, but with nearly 55 inches of rainfall each year, it's the perfect spot for these moisture-loving mollusks.

We grow Cornu aspersum snails, known in France as the petit gris or the "little gray" snail (hence our name!). While smaller than the gros gris (big gray)the type found in canned escargots, little grays are more tender and flavorful than their bigger cousin. They are a perfect ingredient in a variety of dishes, not just the traditional drenched-in-butter-and-garlic dish so many are familiar with.

It takes nearly a year for our snails to reach full size. During this time, they dine on several types of plants including broccoli, spinach, clover, nettles, and lettuces, all the while frolicking (sure, snails frolic!) in the sun, wind and rain.

Once they have reached full size, they are harvested by hand, cleaned and processed, then the delicately spiraled meat is safely vacuum packed and shipped on ice to its recipient.