Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Everyone has questions! Here are a few common ones:

How do I order escargots?

We are currently overhauling our entire website and adding an online ordering section. Until then, you can email us with ordering questions at

Do you ship overseas?

No, currently we only ship within the continental US as fresh escargot and caviar is a perishable product. Also we must ship to a physical address and not P.O. boxes as escargots are a perishable product.

What kind of snails do you grow?

We grow Cornu aspersum, also known as the little gray snail or petit gris. They are smaller, more tender and more flavorful than the traditional type you get in a can.


Can you sell live snails?

Live snails are illegal to ship across state lines, so we can only sell live snails within Washington state.