Vacuum packed, de-shelled American grown escargots

Fresh escargots

Parboiled, vacuum-packed and ready for your favorite dish*:
$60 per pound (approx. 100-110 snails)
$32.00 per half-pound (approx. 50-55 snails)
$25 per quarter pound (approx. 25-30 snails)

* Please note: snails have been de-shelled. 

Earthy, pearlescent escargot caviar


Will return in the spring
An exclusive and limited quantities! Totally unique, snail caviar is taking Europe by storm and now you can have it, too!

$95 for 2.5 ounces


Costs do not include shipping for products.


Coming soon

Life isn't complete without snail swag. Tshirts and other fun and colorful merchandise coming soon.

How to order

We're in the process of re-building and improving our website and having real-time online ordering. Until then, please contact us for info and to place your order. Please provide amount wanted and your city.**

**Please note: Due to USDA regulations, live snails can only be shipped within Washington state.