Be fresh!

You want your food fresh. So why would you buy canned snails from overseas? We're located on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula in Washington state.

be original!

Sure, snails in garlic butter are great. But there are so many more ways to enjoy them.

Be growing!

Fresh means how we grow, as much as where we grow. Learn more about how we do what we do.

a short snail history

Snails have been enjoyed by people for millennia in many places throughout the world. Many Italian homes during the Roman empire had their own little "cochlea gardens" where families grew snails for their own use and enjoyment. It was only during the late 19th century that snails became a "luxury" food. Since then, most people only know of one dish containing escargots--escargot de Bourgogne aka, snails drenched in butter, garlic and parsley and jammed back into shells (not even their own!). But there are so many more ways to enjoy them!


snail on plant